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Jul 13 17 4:44 PM

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Jason I'll be in touch, hoping we can play early next week before you go away. 
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Jul 17 17 10:48 PM

208s beat WIB 5-0!

Some games were close, some weren't. Ho hum, the life of a strato manager. (Actually games were closer than the results show...)

208: Stroman, Bauer, Maeda, Velasquez, Ross

WIB: Strasburg, Syndergaard, Archer, Hernandez, Gausman

208s injuries: Castro 2 games, Martin 1 game. 

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BigMacs Hold Onto First Place

BigMacs reduce the Avolanche to light flurries with a 4-1 series win. 

All games were close with nothing unusual to report except Ortiz hurt for 1 more're welcome Andrew. 

Avolanche - Arrietta, Degrom, Guerra, Tanaka, Happ
BigMacs - Hendricks, Devenski, Cueto, Tillman, Hill

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