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Jan 30 17 10:53 PM

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Bays Receive

-DB 5th 2017

Da Boys Receive


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Jan 31 17 5:59 PM

enforcers wrote:
Hey Alec GFY..... you sound like a baby crying because he just saw his competition get better 

Of course I'd rather not see Yelich go to my competition, but a bad trade is simply a bad trade.

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Jan 31 17 9:41 PM

Gotta agree with Alec. Bad trade for Rob. A bunch of maybes or already was but not anymore for the best leftfielder. And probably the second best centerfielder. He's still young to boot

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Feb 1 17 1:04 AM

I love all the different takes...... that's why this game rocks.  Alec still luv ya buddy. Just having fun because you mentioned my name. 

I really like inciarte - that guy is going to be very good.  ?? I think that's how you spell it.  Not sold on Hamilton, and Rob has already traded the other two and come away with two seconds for next year.  All for Yelech.  Who is very good vs rh.  I would have tried for more but I'm not sure it was out there. 
Matt who was your prospect offered shwarber???

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Feb 1 17 1:15 PM

I have to admit that Inciarte is better than I thought. Good CF are at a premium, so even though Yelich is the best player, this deal isn't that bad. 

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Feb 1 17 3:00 PM


SCWARBS Is staying put.

It seems Inciarte is the big piece going the other way, other than that though I think the other 3  were Andrews 13, 14, 15. So I think he did well. The people who are high on future inciarte, Do you think hes better than future Yelich?


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Feb 1 17 4:17 PM

Better arm.  Better oba vs lh.   Still young enough to develop power.  Both guys are very good.   But the sample size for Yelech is more and shows he is a great vs rh pitchers.  Not so much lh.  

This is is a big year for inciarte.  

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Feb 2 17 12:10 AM

I think Inciarte was better vs rhp last year. I think he will be the better long term player... he just won't play behind trout

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