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Jun 7 17 1:53 PM

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Rob let me know when you are done with series 5 so we can set something up!
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Jul 3 17 1:58 PM


Series 3-2 JYD

JYD: Martinez, Bumgarner, Desclafani, Salazar, Taillon 
WIB: Strasburg, Syndergaard, Archer, Hernandez, Gausman

1. 4-0 JYD ..... WIB batters may have struck out over 20 times - lost count

2. 7-3 JYD .... late  4 runs breaks tie

3. 6-3 WIB ...... JYD muster 5 hits

4. 10-5 JYD ..... neither side could get many outs as many on base all game

5. 6-5 WIB ..... dramatic 2 run shot in 9th leads WIB 

No injury carryovers

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Jul 13 17 5:13 AM

Game one saw two teams bad on their luck tied 3-3 after 7. Avolanche bring in Sam Dyson and the Masterbatters knock him around for 7. Avolanche score 3 in the bottom but not enough and Arrieta loses yet again. Avolanche decide to go get their glasses to actually see the cards and things turn around.

Game 1: Masterbatters win easily late 10-6

Game 2: Masterbatters again take a lead in the 8th only to see the Avolanche score 4 in the bottom. Jansen saves the win. 7-4.

Game 3: Avolanche score 3 early and win 3-1 with yet another Jansen save.

Game 4: Easier win for the Avolanche 5-1.

Game 5: Avolanche knock out Manea in the second and take a 5-0 lead. Not detered the Masterbatters score 5 to tie it up. Avolanche batting and pitching take over and win 12-5.

Avolanche win series 4-1

Avolanche: Arrieta, Degrom, Guerra, Tanaka, Lackey

Masterbatters: Porcello, Carrasco, Roark, Fernanadez, Manea

No injury carryovers

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Jul 13 17 4:43 PM

Rob and I are scheduled to play this Sunday after softball. Hopefully neither of us strike out, or we'll need to head "back 2 the bar" instead!

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Jul 14 17 6:32 AM

Catalyst vs enforcers

Duffy vs grienke
Enforcers up 7-6 in the bottom of the 8th. Gattis hit a 2 run double to give catalyst a 8-7 win
Pomeranz vs t walker
The enforcers hit 5 home runs and took the game into the 11th inning, but catalyst bullpen would hold strong and dj limahue hit a walk of single to win 8-7 for the catalyst
Quintana vs sherczer
Easy complex game win for the catalyst win 6-0
Eickoff vs cluber
Another easy 6-0 win
Game 5
M Gonzalez vs chatwood
The catalyst smash the enforcers 7-0 for the sweep.
Catalyst first ever sweep if the enforcers puts them 2nd in the standings. No injuries to carry over?

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Jul 17 17 10:44 PM

DaBoys beat 208s 3-2. 

Some games were close, some weren't. Ho hum, the life of a strato manager. 

208: Stroman, Bauer, Maeda, Velasquez, Ross

DaBoys: Tillman, Hamels, Shoemaker, Matz, Colon

no injuries. 

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