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May 1 17 1:54 PM

Guy please.  You won three of the games by one run... and you almost lost to Jerome. You should be concerned 😎😎

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May 1 17 7:22 PM

MB's vs JYD's

Game 1: Porcello vs Martinez first 3 innings go super quick until the top of the 4th when a catchX with a man on 3rd causes a meeting of the umpires. Calls to the Avolanche,Wib and 208s take place until the umps can decide the right call. This is a close game that sees both teams use their full penns until the JYDs win it in 11 4-2. Cy young Porcello falls to 0-4 on the season

Game 2:  Carrassco vs Bumgarner Another close game Evan Longoria crushes a HR in the 8th to lead the MBs to a 3-2 win.

Game 3:  Roark vs Fulmer Mbs offense breaks out in a big way. The ballpark can feel the JYDs frustration as Longoria goes 5/6 and Roark pitches a complete game for a 9-3 win

Game 4: Fernandez vs Salazar  Jyds look to change their luck put on a  hit in run in the 2nd for a double *** to take an early lead. Later on the Mbs decide to try a little hit and run of there own and hit andrew miller up for a BPHR. Gardner fails to capitalize on the 2 run shot which turns out to be the tsn turning point as Addison Russells 3 run shot in the 8th gets the Mbs close but not close enough and they lose 4-3.

Game 5: Manaea vs Taillon Both managers look for the series win and another good matchup however the JYDS get an insurance HR from Nelson Cruz in the 8th to seal a 5-2 win

JYDS win 3-2

no injuries carry over.

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