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Apr 12 17 11:50 AM

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Alec let me know when you are good to go. Would like to get this one in before the golf trip may 2nd!
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Apr 27 17 4:56 PM

Sluggers 4 WIB 1

Darvish, Sanchez, Sale, Santana, Odorizzi
Stratsburg, Bundy,Archer, Hernandez, Gausman

Game 1   Molina  4 (2 HRS) to WIB 1
Game 2  Syndergaard injured from last start watches Bundy walk 3 in 1st then calls out 5-9 fastball , you know the rest of the Story . Sluggers win 10-1
Game 3  WIB scores 5 in the 4th off Sale,  ends up WIB 7-5.
Game 4  saw alot of  WIB  1-8 off speed pitches which included  b-b-b in the 3rd.  Sluggers scored 1 in the top of the 8th to tie the game 1-1 .
                Top 9th saw 12 sluggers to the plate for 7 runs. 8-1 final
Game 5  top 6th WIB scored 3 runs to increase lead to 5-0, in doing so Harper was injured b+1.
                 Sluggers got 2 in both the 6th and 7th . WIB add 1 more in top of 9th for 6-4 lead.  Bottom 9th Dyson walks,  Forsythe comes in off the bench and hits one of those 1-8 change ups out of the park,
                 Rodriques doubles then Kang hits the walkoff single.   7-6

Harper misses first game of next series

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Apr 28 17 4:13 PM


Guys sorry for the reply after reading it I feel ti came out pretty harsh. I am communicating here because I am behind in my series and if the league knows when I will be playing rob other managers can schedule accordingly.

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Apr 28 17 4:44 PM

Ohhhh ok so when are you guys playing ? 

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Apr 29 17 3:43 PM

Enforcers upset overbays

Enforcers win 4-1

 To start off the Overbays manager is pissed that Kershaw showed up to his new team tired and unavailable until game five.....Dam Catalyst's.......

Game 1: Grenkie vs Estrada, Overbays jump out to early lead with a run in each of the first three innings and hold on for the 6-2 win. Enforcers miss 4 BP home runs in a their own park. 1-13......

Game 2: Degroom vs Wright, 2-2 tie going to bottom of the ninth,Two out and Brian Mccann hits a walk off homer for the win off reliever Brach ( kinda like the Yankees did against him last night) . OVERBAYS ARE STUNNED.
Game 3: Verlander vs Quintana, Enforcers belt 4 dingers in the Overbays tiny ball park to get to an early 7-1 lead and hold on for the 7-6 win....Overbays looking angry...

Game 4: Ray vs Eickhoff, Enforcers pound the lh starter and coast to a 12-1 win. Overbays looking deafeted...

Game 5:Gonzalez vs Lester, The Overbays decide to rest Kershaw so he can juggle his rotation, Enforcers see it as a slight on there ability to beat the big ace, so they go out and beat Lester 3-1 for the series 4-1 win.

No injuries carry over..........

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Apr 29 17 4:42 PM

Not my fault

Andrew I was told that you wanted to use Kershaw as your number 1 starter, but I had been using him as my number 3 until my last series. The only way he could have gone first for you is if I rested him completely and I only beat rob 3-2 so it is fair to say I needed to pitch him.

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Apr 29 17 5:04 PM

Rickey, I never said he wanted to use him first.  I said he wanted to use him at the front. What you should have done is just left him at the three spot and not moved him to the five hole. 

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Apr 30 17 6:09 PM

BigMacs Defeat 208's 3-2

Exciting close series that could have gone either way, but the good guys come away with a 3-2 series win.

BigMacs starters: Hendricks, Devenski, Cueto, Gray, Hill
208's starters: Stroman, Bauer, Maeda, Velasquez, Ross

No injuries to carry over 

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May 1 17 9:27 AM



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