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Mar 26 17 11:28 AM

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Doug let me know when you are ready. 
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Apr 2 17 11:57 PM

Sluggers 3-2 over the 208's

Darvish, Sanchez, Sale, Santana, Teheran
Stroman, Bauer, Maeda, Velasquez, Ross

Game 1 Sluggers score 5 in bottom 3rd then 208's counter with 7 in top of 4th. 208's use all of bullpen for a 10-7 win
Game 2 208's score 5 in top 3rd and 4 in top 7th, Bauer pitches complete game for 11-1 win
Game 3 Sluggers scores 4 in top 2nd and 5 in top 9th for 9-0 win
Game 4 Sluggers win 9-3
Game 5 Saw great pitching by both teams, Sluggers win 3-1

First two games 208's 21-8
Last three games Sluggers 21-4

No injuries carried over.

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Apr 15 17 4:37 PM

JYD and Avolanche

JYD - Martinez, Bumgarner, Fullmer, Salazar and Taillon

Avs - Arrieta, Guerra, Tanaka, Happ and Lackey

Bookend wipe outs for each team in games 1 and 5.

Gm 1 - JYD score 11 in first inning capped by an Arenado slam. Cruise to a 17 - 2 win.

Gm 2 -  closes game of series with Arenado solo shot being difference in JYD 3-2 win.

Gm 3  - Avolanche spread out scoring in an easy 6 - 1 victory.

Gm 4 - Avs miss BP opportunities as JYD pull away in 7th for a 5 - 3 win.

Gm 5 - Magic JYD had in game 1 has disappeared as muster just 5 hits and Avs Seager takes over
in 12. -  2 victory.

No injury carryovers


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Apr 23 17 3:38 PM


We played this series a month ago, and I've been irritated about it ever since.

Game 1- Strasburg was injured for this game and Carlos Rodon stepped in to fill the void, but got his ass handed to him as the Overbays scored in four consecutive innings to put up seven runs. Estrada was more than good enough to hold down the pathetic WIB offense. Overbays 7-1

Game 2- Thankfully, WIB got back to their regular rotation in this game with Syndergaard pitching vs. Steven Wright. Thor was cruising through three innings when the infamous triple six came up and before you knew it, he was gone for the game and the next series. Seriously?! Anyway, after Noah left the game, the Overbays scored two runs in the 3rd, three in the 4th and for good measure added eight more runs in the final two innings. WIB scored a few, but the math didn't come close to working out. Overbays 13-4
Game 3- Chris Archer against wrongfully robbed Cy Young runner-up Justin Verlander, according to Kate Upton at least, and when she speaks, I listen. Finally, some justice occurs in the third inning when Verlander has to leave the game with whatever ailment the little +@$*# felt. Sadly, there were no little leaguers in the bullpen for the WIB to take advantage of, so instead they just watched as the Overbays circled the bases five times. Overbays 5-0

Game 4- King Felix and Jon Lester faced off in a matchup of guys who have been around forever, but the old guy has never looked better and the young guy looks ancient these days. That trend continued in this affair, with the Overbays scoring in each of the first four innings and WIB was not able to mount any sort of offense at all for the second straight game. Overbays 7-0

Game 5- Kevin Gausman and Tyler Chatwood. Chris Davis hit a two run homer. This game is %*!!. I hate it and the Overbays. I'm coming to the cottage for titties and test tube shooters it seems. Overbays 4-2

There were really no close games at all in this series and WIB had a stretch of 23 scorless innings to drive home that point. At least the Overbays acquired Kerhsaw immediately after the series and I didn't have to face the indignity of being shutout in another game

Syndergaard will be staying in Brampton for the upcoming series vs. the Sluggers.

Last Edited By: WIB Apr 23 17 3:43 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Apr 23 17 5:05 PM

Jason this isn't gonna be any better.

MB's BM's Series

Game 1:  Porcello vs Hendriks, close game but Porcello continues to show some Cy Young rust and goes to 0-3 as Big Macs take this game 3-1

Game 2: Carrasco vs Devenski, another close one Trumbo hits an automatic and a BPHR 1 for 2 hrs Big macs once again win 3-1

Game 3: Roark vs Cueto, Pitching stays sharp and the Mbs feel the struggle as their offense cant get anything going. Big Macs win 2-0

Game 4: Fernandez vs Nola, Finally the MB's get on the board and are up 4-2 in the 6th and the penn hangs on to close out a 4-3 win

Game 5: Manea vs Hill, Trumbo hits his 4th Jack of the series Big Macs lead 3-0 going into the bottom 9th. MB's offense comes alive with a Single, K , Single, Single to load the bases with 1 out. Next at bat Longoria walks to make 3-1, Murphy Ks and Springer comes up for the MBs last shot and gets a triple 1-4 split for the walk off shot but rolls a 7. Big Macs hold on to a 3-1 win.

A very close series with every game decided by 2 runs or less doesn't show on the scoreboard  as the Big Macs take the series 4-1.

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#6 [url]

Apr 28 17 8:34 PM

Da boys vs catalyst

Catalyst vs da boys
Game 1
Duffy vs tillman
Duffy and the catalyst bullpen shutdown da boys batters. Catalyst win 4-0
Game 2
Pomeranz vs matz
Matz pitched 7 innings giving up 3 runs a three run hr by smolinski, but there would be drama in the 9th. The catalyst would get 4 hr chances making and missing 2. Da boys win 6-5
Game 3
Paxton vs shoemaker
The first batter for the catalyst lemahie gets drilled by an inside pitch and is taken out of the game. The catalyst would only manage 8 hits and one solo home run by gattis. Da boys win 4-1
Game 4
Cluber vs hamels
Da boys tie the game I the 8th with a rizzo home run. Walker playing 2nd base for the injured limahue hits a hr 1-3 chance and the catalyst win 6-5
Game 5
Kershaw vs colon
Kershaw goes 9 innings giving up a homer to an incirate squeeze play. Catalyst win 4-1.
A very close series all games ended with in 3 runs
Catalyst win the series 3-2

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