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Mar 12 17 6:27 PM

Big Macs and Enforcers will be playing on Sun. Mar 26 at 2:30 at my place. 
Everyone is welcome. Just post if you're coming. 

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Mar 26 17 11:26 AM

Rough day for 208s vs catalysts. 

Game 1: all catalysts with their questionable dice. 

Game 2: doomed game from the start as 208s start backup pitcher due to injury from the start. 

Game 3: 208s get yet another pitcher injury knocking out their starter after 2 batters in the 1st. Bye bye bullpen! Insult to "injury" fowler is HBP plus injury in the 3rd and rolls a "20". 

Game 4: 208s have no answer without their top OB guy in the lineup. Cats score 3 on xchart hits in the 6th to account for the only scoreing in the game. At least is was close. 

Game 5: hey another close game! Too the the 208s are out of relievers. A fitting finish in the 7th as the cats break a 3-3 tie with an error to my E3! 

208s never had a lead all series. 
208s Stroman, Pineda, Maeda, Vazquez, Ross. 
Catalysts: Duffy, Pomeranz, kershaw, kluber, scherzer. 
Fowler injury 1 more game. 

Also *+*# that stupid kershaw trade. Now I have to face him again vs Andrew. 

Rough day for the 208s. 

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Mar 26 17 8:59 PM

JYD vs Da Boys

JYD: Martinez, Bumgarner, Fullmer, Salazar, Taillon

Da Boys: Tillman, Matz, Cole, Hamels, Colon

Game 1: JYD start off hot with 5 in the 1st only to give 7 back in the 4th.   Tied after 6 then Da Boys
pull away for a 9-7 win. Trey Turner the difference.

Game 2: JYD's turn to come back as down 3 they score 7 unanswered for 7-3 win. Belt with a big belt.

Game 3: Again down 3 early, JYD's bats come alive in 14-5 win. Belt and Grandal lead the way.

Game 4: Pitching takes over in 3-0 JYD win. Salazar gets decision.

Game 5: Da Boys bats stay cold into last game in JYD 3-1 win. Zobrist 2 run shot the difference.

no injury carryovers.

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Apr 1 17 5:15 PM

sluggers take series 3-2

Series was played Tuesday 28th,
Avolance manager has gone AWOL after their second disappointing series lost to open the season so I will do summary.
Also note, team maybe in sell mode as one trade has already been made.

Arrieta, Guerra, Tanaka, Happ, Lackey
Darvish, Sanchez, Sale, Santana, Teheran

Game 1  Kang HR, triple  for 3 RBI's  to Avalance 2
      Dyson was thrown out trying to tag up to 3rd on Granderson's arm
Game 2   Sluggers 7-3
Game 3   Sluggers 4-2
Game 4   Avalance 9-1    Kang injured  B+3
Game 5   Avalance 5-2

Kang out 2 games next series.

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Apr 3 17 8:30 PM

Enforcers Look More Like The Keystone Cops...

The Enforcers left the Golden Arches Dome licking their wounds after a simply demoralizing imagedisheartening imagediscouraging image...(you get the idea)..5-0 beatdown at the hands of the Mighy Macs. 
The Big Macs were left wondering how that squad could possibly have won it all just 2 years ago.

BigMacs: Hendricks, Devenski, Cueto, Nola, Gray
Super Troopers: Chief Wiggim (Grienke), Barney Fife (DeGrom), Paul Blart (Quintana), Frank Drebin (Eickhoff), Axel Foley(Gonzalez)

Every Enforcers starter will surely have lingering neck injuries from watching the balls fly out of the yard but no injuries carry over.  

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Apr 3 17 8:51 PM

Wow nice write up.  The beauty about this game is that it all comes around.  😎

Enjoy your  year junior bacon cheeseburger🤡🍔🍔🍔

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